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We School

Is a language school designed to cater to the needs of students and other people who want to learn or enhance one’s communication skills with the use of English language. WE has designed programs and trainings tied up to one of the biggest Universities in Cebu to ensure that the right program is given to all students and at the same time enjoy the experience of exploring one’s capabilities.

Winning English Language Program

  1. Provide in-depth English programs intended to all levels of Foreign International Students.
  2. Assist the foreign international students in terms of their needs for English development, fun-learning socio-civic community outreach programs towards self-growth.
  3. Foster an exchange of cultural practices and educational programs.
  4. Involve students to the Philippine Culture and Standards of Education through classroom interactions, fun-filled activities and educational activities geared towards self-confidence and excellence in English.
  5. Expose students to a variety of activities for a more effective and comprehensive learning.

Learning Package Include

Orientation Program on WE School Rules and Regulations as an International Student and WINNING ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAM in general

  • Man to man class
  • Group class
  • Exposure Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Student's evaluation program
  • Affiliation with University program
Future Training Program
Educational Facilities and Environment


8th Floor All Son's Inn 129 General Echaves Street Cebu City

+63 322546145


Cebu Philippines